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What's OGame Skins Maker ?

/!\ OGame Skins Maker's authors really need help to get the project resurrected. If you're interested in helping us, please send a mail to : anthonygego(--at--)users.sourceforge.net

OGame Skins Maker is an opensource software disitributed under the GNU G.P.L. license which enables you creating your own OGame skins more easily by bringing you a CSS specific code editor, a skin-viewer, and some other cool stuff like a creation and firefox configuration wizard.

OGame Skins Maker also brings you an optional tool under the name of "OGame Images Manager". This one helps you managing the whole images directory of your skin, from the Metal Mine to the 9th Gas Planet, by renaming automately the image you wanna replace without even knowing any image code, and by resizing any image (even animated !).

Coming Version

Version Number: 1.0 (with another name)
Release Date : N/A
Changes :
  • Browser integration to enable skinning of OGame 1.0 and >
  • Compatibility with OGame 1.0
  • Source-code completely rebuilt and optimized
Current Version

/!\ The old version currently available for download is not entirely updated, but this can be done easily by your own by modifying configuration and skin-viewer files. Yet, an OGame 0.84-compatible tool named "OGame Images Manager" is also available for download.
Version Number: 0.95beta
Release Date : 4th March 2007
Changes :
  • Multi-projects TabPages Interface
  • Tools in TapPages
  • New : Language Installer
  • New Design
  • Shell Bug Fixed and more
  • Certified for Windows Vista
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