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Skin-OGame is a French community forum launched by Jonathan Provot on July, 26th 2005. The first goal was to initiate people to skinning, and now it's achieved, to keep them going on. OGame Skins Maker was first developed to be shared through this community. Years have gone and now the forum has been managed by a 4-member team from France and Belgium including AnthonPeper, Jayk, Kywar and Patatoufet. OGame Skins Maker has been maintened by AnthonPeper since the DrThrax's departure, a former administrator, who's the OSM original creator.

The Team


Rodall Juhziz (left)


Akmon :Croatian
CemOnur :Turkish
NeOs :Italian
RastaMen, (modifications by AnthonPeper on 0.95) : Dutch
Rodall Juhziz, AnthonPeper (from 0.9) : English

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