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OGame Skins Maker is an OpenSource Software distributed under the GNU G.P.L. license, before all uses, please consult it.

Here, you can download the packages of OGame Skins Maker 0.95beta, if you want do download a preceding version, please consult the SourceForge Project Page.

Package NameLanguageDownload ?
OGame Skins MakerEnglish, FrenchDownload
OGame Images ManagerEnglishDownload
OGame Images ManagerFrenchDownload
Language FilesDutchDownload
Language FilesItalianDownload
Language FilesBalkanDownload
Commented 0.84-compatible formate.cssEnglishDownload
Commented 0.84-compatible formate.cssFrenchDownload
Skin-OGame Course (PDF)FrenchDownload
Source CodeFrenchDownload
System Requirements

Minimum system requirements :
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/ME/NT SP4/XP/VISTA
  • PC with 1Ghz or better
  • 128Mo RAM
  • Medium resolution (1024x768)
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework 2.0
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